Mission Statement

 The Slave Lake Dance Creations Support Committee’s goal is to enhance the dance experience for all children who are registered dancers of Dance Creations.


Performance & Travel opportunities:  To date, the SLDCSC has provided financial supports to dancers to perform in Disneyland and participate in workshops in July 2017!   The committee also covered the cost of festival registrations for dancers to compete in Oliver BC at a dance Championships in July 2018!  

Team Building & Activities: There have been many activities and events organized by the parent group which encouraged team building and brought dancers and their families together, such a bowling, and swimming during the 2018 festival season.  

Training Material: The studio as certified and experienced instructors, and the committee has provided financial assistance to purchase items such as; yoga mats, acro mats, and mirrors, to name a few.  This helps enhance the dancers' experience by allowing teachers to teach to their fullest potential.

Board members and contact information (2018-2020)

President -

Julia Hunt hunt.julia1@gmail.com 780-843-5609

Vice President -

Rachael Bellerose rachaelbellerose@hotmail.com 780-849-8824

Secretary -

Karlene Ching slavelakedcsc@gmail.com 780-805-4032

Treasurer -

Melissa Baxter trendybaby@hotmail.com 780-805-6415

Fundraising Coordinator -

Chelsea Saluk chelseasaluk@hotmail.com 780-805-2028

Travel/Festival Coordinator -

Mikia Wilgenbusch mikia_cotter@hotmail.com 780-805-6865

Apparel Coordinator -

Alyssa McSweyn alyssa_johnson@kaltire.com 780-805-1559