Mission Statement

 Slave Lake Dance Creations Dance Society is dedicated to igniting and supporting a lifelong passion for dance in dancers, instructors, parents, and the public. We foster physical and personal growth by developing dancers and instructors in an open and inclusive environment. 


Over the years we have also organized many family and team building activities such as bowling, swimming, family BBQ's and community give backs. The SLDCSC has also provided financial assistance to purchase items such as; yoga mats, blocks, resistance bands, and mirrors for Studio B. The training materials help enhance the dancers' experience.

Thank you to all of our amazing dance families!   We wouldn't be able to do all of these wonderful things for your dancers without your help and dedication.

In 2019 the SLDCSC was able to cover all Ballet examination registrations and provided rebates towards costume and festival registrations.  Our first Sub-Committee was created to help a group of dancers attending the Vibe2Vibe workshop in Whitecourt.

In 2020 the committee began doing Dancer of The Month and was able to gift goodie bags to 32 dedicated dancers chosen by their instructors throughout the season.

In July 2021 the Support Committee became the Slave Lake Dance Creation Society (SLDCS) and we were able to take over the functions of the dance studio.

The Slave Lake Dance Creations Support Committee was created by a handful of dance parents in  2016 to  provided financial supports to dancers who were going to perform and participate in workshops internationally in Disneyland July of 2017.

In 2018 we began our new journey focusing on the ability to benefit every dancer in our studio and thanks to all the amazing dance parents fundraising the SLDCSC paid for the cost of festival registrations for dancers to compete in Oliver BC at Grand Championships, as well as dancer registrations for both Ballet (RAD) and AcroDance examinations.  We were also very proud to be able to cover the cost of team jackets for all accelerated dancers. 

SLDCS Directors and Contact Information