End of Season Events

Dance Festivals

Dancers travel to out-of-town dance festivals to perform in front of an audience and receive feedback from adjudicators. Groups receive medals according to their adjudicators mark, and may also receive special awards. 

Dance Photos

The studio will bring in a professional photographer to capture the season's memory.  Groups will be pictured as a whole, and individual portraits can also be posed.

D.C. Showcase 

All dance groups will perform at the end of season dance recital.  Dancers will perform at the Legacy Centre in Slave Lake and tickets  generally go on sale two weeks in advance.

Ballet Exams

Dancers in the accelerated program can strive to attain their goals and receive recognition through ballet examinations.  Dance Creations is proud to be the only studio in the region offering internationally recognized  student training by                                                                                                    offering Cecchetti examinations where students receive certificates, medals,                                                                                                          and valuable feedback.

Acro Dance Exams

Dancers in the accelerated program can work towards examining their acro skills and gain recognition with medals and certificates.  Dance Creations is proud to be the only studio in Slave Lake to offer examinations with Acrobatic Arts and is staffed with two certified instructors.

Important Dates:

  • Photos: April 28th: at the studio   

  • Festival #1      Dance to the Future - April 11th to 14th, Camrose

  • Festival #2    Shyann - April 17th to 21st, Edmonton 

  • Festival #3  Heartbeat Dance Festival - May 9th to 12th, Fort Saskatchewan

  • RECITIAL             May 25th 2023: Slave Lake Legacy Centre