COVID-19 Updates:

Update- May 3rd

  •  Alberta Health services updates has put a restriction on large gatherings, such as dance festivals, until the end of the summer.  This means we won't have our August performance dates to look forward to..
  • For dancers, Miss Jen has a plan of action to help prepare students for the time we can return to the studio for group classes.

          1-help engage students throughout the next few months without any financial obligations. 

          2-Prior to students returning, Online classes will commence. These classes will be considered a start to the season. There will be a registration process with tuition.

  •  Note on 2020 Festival performances.  I’m still awaiting final confirmation from all of the festival directors.  A detailed email will be sent to festival groups soon.


Sending lots of love, health, and well wishes!

-Miss Jen

 Jennifer Hansen, RAD RTS, AAC1, CDTA M Stage

Dance Creations


Parent Online Account

 Parent Online AccountParent Online Account


Support the parent committee while representing the studio in Dance Creations branded clothing and dancewear  here

      Note: Setting up an account is required before you can checkout. All orders are delivered to the studio.

Slave Lake Dance Creations Support Committee (SLDCSC)

A non-for-profit parent committee established to enhance the experiences of Dance Creations dancers.   Parents of the studio may join the online facebook platform to keep up to date on meeting, studio happenings, and general information.  AGM's take place every fall, and is open to the public.  Dance parents may participate and become a board member. here


Performance: Make-up & Hair how-to's.

Stage make-up tutorial found  here

Ballet bun tutorial found here

Studio Files for Parents

DC Handbook 19/20
Dance to the Future 2019 RESULTS
Sundance Stars 2019 RESULTS
Dance Vibe 2019