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Instructors: (about) 

            Miss Jen  Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Acrobatics,

            Miss Jodi  Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acrobatics

            Miss Taylor Hip Hop

Guest Teachers: Past & Present  

            Vince Akinyode, Eye Candy Studios, Hip Hop.

            Kelsey Isaman, Dance Soul, Acrobatics.

            Taryn Beaupre, Jazz & Tap

             Jake Poloz, Contemporary

Professional Curriculums:  

            Royal Academy of Dance (RAD): Ballet

            Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA): Jazz, Tap

            Acrobatic Arts: Acrobatic Dance

2017/2018 Season Information

Schedule will be posted on "News" tab

Classes are designed to progressively develop technical, musical, and performance skills. All classes learn at least one routine and all classes perform at minimum the year end Recital. Season runs Sept-May.

Pre-School Program

Tiny-Dancers  3 - 4.5  year olds (30 mins)    Daytime, or evening options

Created for little ones to learn basic dance technique and steps appropriate for their age. Four level FUNdamentals program develops basic movement skills, musical awareness, expression and creativity. Themed classes encourage participation, focus, and confidence.  Season includes Recital!  


Teen "Recreational" Program

Created for those who are newer to dance lessons, or who are not able to participate in multiple classes per week.  

Each class learns one dance to perform twice; 1 out-of-town dance festival plus the Slave Lake recital.

Pre-Competition Program

Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics

Created for younger aged dancers. Choice of how many classes per week, where each class learns one dance to perform twice; out-of-town dance festival, plus the Slave Lake recital.  Dance levels; 1, 2, 3.

This program teaches the fundamentals in dance and gives dancers the best skills required for other genres as they get older.


Competition Program

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Exams

Created for dancers with previous dance experience.  Dancers will be placed into an appropriate class level based on their skill level at the discretion of the teacher. Higher level of commitment is required in this program where dancers will practice multiple time per week, have more dance routines, and travel to out-of-town dance festival performances.  *Participation in ballet is mandatory for the Competition Program. 




Note on Acrobatics 

Dance Creations' Acrobatics classes are delivered through trained and certified instructors who have many years of teaching experience. Miss Jen & Miss Jodi are certified through the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, which is a program based on safe and effective progressions in 5 divisions of Acro Dance; Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering, and Tumbling. Our class lengths allow enough time is given for each division and to ensure your child's safe training (45 minutes for Beginner, and 1-hour for levels 2+) .  Acrobatics is NOT a recreational activity; therefore, it is important to be enrolled in at least one additional class for levels 2+. 

Note on RA.D. Ballet Exams 

Miss Jen (Jennifer Hansen, RAD RTS) is the regions only dance instructor who has attained the training and education in order train dancers and register them into ballet examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance.    

The process of attaining certification through the R.A.D. is limited. Firstly acceptance into the program is through audition, then the training working with mentors and other professionals, passing multiple written components, and lastly by passing two separate teaching assessments.

Furthermore, in order to maintain certification, R.A.D. teacher must participate in yearly C.P.D.  courses (Continuous Professional Development).